Get started with Pattern Book

How to use this site to build a visual identity for yours

Pattern Book contains working and screenshot examples of features on the Mosaic platform. Under each example is a crib sheet of the settings that were used to configure that feature.

You can browse the examples of Mosaic features such as widgets, headers, and menus. When you find an example you like, you can copy the settings provided in the crib sheet to build your own version.

For detailed information about the features in Pattern Book work, visit the Mosaic documentation pages.

A typical pattern book example

The Banner widget page contains at least one example of each item style that can be used by the widget, e.g. the 'Breaker. With image' example labelled (1), below. Under the example is a crib sheet of the settings which created the example (2).

pattern book example feature and its settings

Example feature and its settings


The crib sheet of settings (2) is just a simplified table of the configuration options found in the example widget's editing interface, pictured below for reference. 

example widget's editing interface

The editing interface of the example widget, which is described by the example widget crib sheet